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"I have not had an opportunity to say how much I appreciated all you did for us. I was really at the end of my tether when I contacted you and felt almost as if there was no way forward. You have helped to give us hope and a new way forward and I cannot thank you enough. It is so good to have my husband no longer depressed and for us as a couple to be closer and happier and to talk to one another. I feel we have learned skills to help us in the future." - John and Penny

"Just to say 'thank you' for your support and insight over the past few months, and for helping me to find a better place in life." - Noola G

"A very positive outcome, which was unexpected! Honora was understanding and empathic - we leave our sessions in the knowledge that we feel better about our relationship, and are now in tune with 'us'. " - Jon and Holly

"Honora is a good counsellor, direct in her approach on occasions, but I like that. We would not have benefitted from someone who just held up the mirror. She provided a safe, neutral place to explore our relationship and has helped me to understand better my role in our marriage and helped to find better ways to communicate and to nurture our partnership; we count ourselves as very fortunate to have worked with a skilled counsellor. We would highly recommend her. " - Mr and Mrs Smythe

"Honora enabled me (a notoriously closed soul) to find an outlet to talk in a space that I felt supported and understood. This proved alien to me at first but due to her help I think/hope my wife's understanding of me , and in contrast, my greater understanding of her will play a huge part in our long future together. " - Mr and Mrs Samuel D

"After experiencing a range of emotional difficulties for years (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc.), I believed I had hit rock bottom. On embarking on my journey with Honora, my life completely turned around. She helped open my eyes to my worth and all of the potential I have – and also to understand what I need out of life and relationships. For the first time, I genuinely believe that I am okay the way I am." - Rebecca H

"I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Honora. Her counselling style is highly professional and skilled but relaxed and completely non-judgemental. At the start of the sessions I was in a very dark place but within just a few weeks she helped me to work through all of my issues, which was at times quite difficult, and come out the other side a much happier, stronger, more positive person than I have ever been. I now very much look forward to living the rest of my life (in all its wonderful glory) and know that I can cope with whatever it may throw at me, good or bad. Thank you so much Honora for giving me back who I am and the grace and strength to take my life forward in the most postive light. I could not recommend you highly enough. " - Susan B

“I sought counselling on the advice of a very close friend, as I am commencing with divorce proceedings. It was to be a decision that I am so thankful I made. From the outset, Honora was professional yet engaged. I was provided with all the information I required prior to my first session which gave me the confidence that I was entering into a relationship that was well structured and meaningful. The very first session set me firmly on the path to understanding my situation and helping myself to heal. I did not require many sessions with Honora as a result of how supportive, empathetic and skilled she proved herself to be. I was amazed at the level of awareness, as well as equipped and in control of my life I felt. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who feels in need of professional, effective, educational and insightful support into any issue with which they are struggling.” - Jackie B-C

“We have been married for 34 years, we stopped being intimate over 15 years ago, our relationship is now better than it ever was thanks to Honora.” - AM

"I was of the belief that attending counselling sessions was for girls; I cannot thank Honora enough for giving me the inspiration and the clarity I needed to move forward with my life. Thank you." - John H


"I worked through a fully supported programme of counselling, paper based and physical tasks and exercises. Honora was with me every step of the way. If you are determined enough and are willing to believe in yourself and a more holistic approach, then you can get your life back too. Honora gave me the key to unlock the things that were causing me to suffer. I can’t praise her or this programme enough. Thank you Honora." Nicola Jones (Recovered from CFS)TO READ NICOLA'S FULL RECOVERY STORY ON TMSWIKI: CLICK HERE

"I thought I was losing my mind, I just could not see an end to the agony, my husband and children were at a loss, nothing was working, even the morphine and stay in hospital didn’t do any good. Until I started to work with Honora my life has changed beyond all belief – as a sceptic I struggled, but I opened my eyes and my heart - it paid off. I am now pain free and it’s truly wonderful!”
- Margareta H (Recovered from Sciatic, anxiety and depression)

"Thank you Honora for everything you have taught me, reminded me and let me vent about. I really could not have got where I am today without you." - Liz V (Recovery from Fibromyalgia)

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